adding blocks

Blocks are used to build your pages and posts in Apollo 2. You can think of them as elements to your page that you put in place. Apollo 2 supports a number of blocks to help you achieve your goals. Blocks with visual elements such as the hero block will match the look and feel of the Apollo 2 theme so that as these blocks are used throughout the Homepage, they all remain consistent and help tie everything together. You can view a full list of blocks supported by WordPress on their website. Some blocks may not be available in Apollo 2.

To add a block:

  • Click on the plus sign icon in the upper left side of the block editing area. If blocks are already present on your page, this icon may also be found above or below other blocks to more easily insert new blocks where they are needed.
  • As blocks are added, they can be rearranged at any time by dragging and dropping them in the order you prefer.