Measuring Success

Throughout the year, you should set a schedule for reviewing your account in relation to your goals. We recommend doing so once a month so you can adjust what you post to build on what successfully engages with your audiences. Once a year, the UF social team will review your goals listed in your strategy document to make observations, develop new goals, and provide recommendations on meeting those new goals.

A few metrics that you can track in your platform’s channel include: 

  • Likes/Fans/Followers: The number of users who receive updates from a social media account on their personal news feed by following them
  • Reach: The number of users who see a profile’s content
  • Impressions: The number of times a profile’s content is displayed on a news feed. Impressions will be more than reach, since one user could see a post multiple times
  • Engagement: The number of interactions users have with content including likes, comments, shares, etc. 
  • Clicks: The number of times a user clicked on a link to access a website or additional content

Other key insights to be aware of are your top posts and audience demographics. Reach out to if you have any questions on finding and understanding social media analytics. 

Account Auditing

The UF Health social media team will perform periodic audits of approved UF Health social media accounts several times a year and discuss findings with social media managers and their liaison.

  • If a social media adviser or the UF Health social media team discover a page that isn’t following guidelines or has room for improvement, they will contact the social media account managers to discuss improvements and enhancements to their social content. 
  • They might be asked to attend further training and work with the adviser and social team on their editorial calendars to provide direct mentoring on content. If, following this training, issues persist, UF Health Communications might request that the page be removed or redirected to an alternate location that would better serve meeting the unit’s goals.
  • In the event that a social media adviser or the social media team finds a violation of law (e.g.: HIPAA or FERPA) or a violation of UF or UF Health policy, they will contact the unit’s social media account managers and chief faculty member describing the violation and requesting that it be removed immediately. Advisers should also contact the UF Health social team so they are aware of the incident.
  • Known or suspected privacy violations must be reported to the appropriate Privacy Office. The UF Health social media team also reports these incidents to the Chief Communications Officer, the Director of External Communications, and the Public Relations Specialist. Other, less serious issues can be addressed in meetings or through informal communications with