Support and Resources

Liaison Support 

To help ensure official UF Health accounts follow guidelines and policies, each official channel has a liaison who works in conjunction with you as a manager. Your liaison in usually a member of the UF Health Communications team; if your unit does not have a person in this capacity, the liaison can be designated by UF Social as a supervisor or faculty member from your unit.

  • Liaisons act as a second level of review for your account – they look for potential issues above and beyond you as a manger and the UF health social team
  • Questions regarding your social media account should be sent to the UF Social team first – we’ll loop in your liaison as necessary
  • If you are contacting us about content or upcoming events or campaigns you’d like to promote, please include your liaison in those emails – your liaison often is also involved with other social media accounts that are closely related to your own and can help us in planning a broader plan of delivering your content across multiple platforms.
  • of these unit accounts as needed. The adviser will also serve as a resource for the managers, offering guidance and tips as appropriate, and will check with each manager several times a year. Advisers should bookmark their assigned accounts to their Internet browser for easy access to each of the profiles, and if the adviser has a Twitter account, they can add their assigned accounts to a Twitter List for simple monitoring.