Image & Graphic Resources

  • Figma – Imaging editing available for free through your browser or as a desktop application on your computer.
  • Wikimedia Commons – search through Wikipedia’s selection of images from their wiki articles.
  • Transparent Textures – This site helps you create texturized images of any color. These images are great for backgrounds on websites or simple ones for your desktop.
  • The Noun Project – A library of vector icons that are often free to use or for an attribution.

Creative Commons Licensing Types

There are four creative commons licenses. It’s important to follow the attribution requirements when using any open resource found on the internet. Some images may have multiple attribution requirements.

  • Attribution (by) – You must give the original artist credit in they way they request. This is often through an attribution by name and/or link back to a website.
  • ShareAlike (sa) – You are allowed to share, edit/crop, copy and otherwise modify the image.
  • NonCommercial (nc) – You are allowed to copy and distribute and modify the image for non-commercial use, only.
  • NoDerivatives (nd) – Only original copies of the image may be used. No image editing permitted.

Web Content & Design Resources

  • “How Chunking Helps Content Processing” by Nielsen Norman Group – “Chunking” is a concept that originated in Psychology, but is used by web professionals to break text and paragraphs up into smaller “chunks” so site visitors can easily scan the page to find the information they want and remember the information they read.
  • “F-Shaped Pattern for Reading Web Content” by Nielsen Norman Group – Using eyetracking technology, users often read articles in an F-shaped pattern.

UF Secured Sharing

GatorCloud – Services provided by the University of Florida to provide secured file sharing tools. A better option than using a personal account.