Training Videos

37 minutes

Apollo 2

This video will walkthrough Apollo 2’s features, homepage, the Block Editor for WordPress, and website settings.

20 minutes

Bridge Websites

This video will cover how to add information to the homepage and basic use of WordPress for sites on the Bridge.

13 minutes

Newsletters with Mailster

The Mailster WordPress plugin will help you create newsletters to share via email with a list of subscribers. This video will show you how to construct and send a newsletter, and how to set up a list of subscribers.

7 minutes

Webpage Editing

This is a short introduction to making simple edits to your website’s pages. This video covers logging in to WordPress, page editing and adjusting the navigation menu.

7 minutes

Google Analytics 4

This is a short walkthrough of the Google Analytics 4 interface and reports to help you understand how to view the analytics for your website.

6 minutes

Image Editing

This video will introduce you to a few problems users encounter when attempting to edit an image and how to resolve them.