Search Bar


Apollo 2 features a new and improved site search capability. The search capability will show you results of your search as you type and bold the search terms in the results so you can easily see the search terms in context of where they are found. A new search results page also gives you the ability to sort search results by relevancy, newest, and A-Z.

How to include search results from other UF Health websites

You can improve the functionality of your search bar’s results by adding other UF Health websites to the search function. This will cause the search to look for and pull in results from your site and any other site you add to the site’s settings. A college or institute may want to bring in results from department or research laboratory websites and this will help create a search network for the website visitor.

How to set-up this feature:

  • Login to your site, then hover your mouse over “Appearance” on the Dashboard menu and select “Customize”.
  • In the menu that appears on the left side of the screen, choose the “Search” option.
  • Copy and paste the URLs for the sites you’d like to include and add a comma between each site. You can include more than one this way.
  • Click the Publish button (located at the top of the menu panel) to save your settings.