The Editor

Users may noticed the availability of a “Classic Editor” and a “Block Editor”. The Classic editor is the same rich text editor used for the original Apollo theme. The Block editor is the new WordPress editor for Apollo 2 and uses blocks (think widgets) to plug-in elements into the page. The Editor in Apollo 2 has two main areas: the block area and the Inspector Panel.

Apollo 2 editor
The block area is bordered in blue, and the Inspector panel is bordered in orange.

The Block Area

The blocks for your web page’s content can be added and edited on the left side of the screen. In this view, you see how the block will look on your site as you add images, text, and buttons. This area is meant to give you a more visual editing experience as you build your page.

The Inspector Panel

The Inspector panel is on the right side of the editor and houses settings for the page and the block selected.