Add New Author

When you create an Author for your magazine, you are creating a profile that will be the public face for that person.

An author profile is not the same as a user account. Authors do not need to be given “user” access to the back-end of your magazine’s website, and users aren’t always authors. These are mutually exclusive roles.

CH-new-authorTo create an Author profile, go to your magazine’s Dashboard navigation menu and click on Authors, then choose Add Author.

In the Title field, type in the author’s first then last name. This is how their name will appear under their articles and in their public profile.

You have the option to include an image of the author, by clicking on the Add Image button, and choosing their picture from the media gallery, or uploading an image from your computer.

In the Title & Department field, enter the author’s official title and their home department.

The Biography field where is you can add a small bio for the author. In this field you can format text as usual, and use hyperlinks.

Social Media profile links can be included in the fields below the Biography field.

Click Save Draft to save this profile as a draft and therefore not publicly viewable, or Publish it which makes the profile public immediately. As with any WordPress site, you can also schedule author profiles to self-publish on a specific date by clicking on the Edit link next to Publish Immediately in the Publish box.