Responding to Posts
UF Health Social Media Best Practices

Managing a social account is more than just posting a few times during the week. It’s a two-way conversation. Social media managers should actively engage with their audiences. You might also uncover student or patient issues that require a larger group to help in responding.

  • Managers should turn on mobile device notifications for any account they manage. You’ll then know when a user comments on a post or reshares. This is our recommended best practice, as it will alert you if there is a critical issue that appears in the evening or over a weekend.
  • If you don’t activate device notifications, you should plan to check your channels regularly. Ideally, you’d do this several times a day; at a minimum, we would recommend three times a week.
  • Statistics show that posts with more active and thoughtful interactions reach a wider audience. Engaging with your audience through replies and retweets make the account more successful and helps you to meet your goals.

What If I get a Negative Comment?

First, don’t panic! It is not uncommon to get a critical or negative post on social media. Your first instinct should not be to delete it – we encourage open communication on our channels, and this invites people to share concerns and complaints.

  • If you can respond with guidance and direction to resolve their problem, and the content does not relate to patient-protected information, go ahead and do so.
  • If the content contains vulgar language, implies violence or harm, or is libelous to a UF or UF Health employee, as an account manager, you retain the right to remove those posts from your social media channel. Please take a screenshot of the post before removal and send it to us so it can be retained for archival and reporting purposes.

If you receive a negative post or mention that is inappropriate or accusatory of UF Health faculty or staff, please contact the UF Health social media team at as soon as possible. We will help you navigate through next steps.