Gravity Tools Suite

Gravity Tools are a series of three WordPress plugins that, when used independently or in combination, can help you collect data, create simple or complex workflows and eventually, display your data in an easy-to-read format. You may decide to use all three plugins or just go with two of them.

The three plugins that comprise the Gravity Tools Suite are…

  1. Gravity Forms – this plugin helps you create online forms for your website to collect data.
  2. Gravity Flow – with this plugin, you can take the data collected via a Gravity Form and route it to other site users for their approval, thus creating a paperless approval process that is efficient and organized.
  3. Gravity Kit (View) – this plugin allows you to take the data you’ve collected from a Gravity Form, and display it online via a page or post, so you can manage and view it quickly and easily.

Some uses for this suite of plugins are: project submission and tracking, facilities requests, or even streamlining a process done entirely through email.

If you would like to use the Gravity Tools Suite, please contact Nina Wright with UF Health Web Services to have them enabled for your site.