Gravity Forms Block

The Gravity Forms block will embed a form from your site into a page so visitors can view and submit the form. First you must create the form on your site using the Gravity Forms plugin. Once your form is ready to be made public, create a new page, then add the “Gravity Forms” block to your page. Once the block is added, you will be asked to select a form from the site in a drop down list. Select the form you would like to display from the list, and then you will have the option to toggle on or off the form’s title and description through the settings panel on the right side of the screen. Once the form is selected, you should see it appear in the block editor, and it should match the look and feel of Apollo 2.

Conditional Logic

Conditional logic is a mechanism of Gravity Forms that helps you assign rules to how forms and fields appear. A new feature of the Gravity Forms block gives you the ability add conditional logic to the form and whom can see it. To use conditional logic, select the Gravity Forms block, then toggle “on” Conditional Logic in the settings panel on the right side. Once it’s toggled on, then you have to option to show or hide the form depending on the user’s logged in or out status, their user role, or make the form available before or after a certain date.

Gravity Forms block example