Table block

Table block helps you insert a table of data into your page. Text in each cell can be formatted and hyperlinked.

Table Feature and Settings

Caption and Heading Row

The Table block will create a caption above the table of data for you to use to name your table and it is important for accessibility. If no caption text is added, a message will appear that reads “Table is missing a caption!” to indicate that this needs to be completed. The first row of the table will behave as a heading row with special styling and formatting.

Import Data

For large sets of data, you can import data using a CSV file or manually enter the data.

Interactive Tables

The table can be set to be interactive which adds a search bar, pagination, and sorting functions. This is turned on automatically for tables that are larger than 25 rows. It can manually be toggled on in the settings panel on the right-hand side of the screen.

  • Search bar – the search bar will filter the table rows to show only rows with matching search terms.
  • Pagination – this will appear below the table in the lower right-hand corner and is represented by arrow icons. Clicking the arrow icons will “page” through the next set of rows according to the drop-down menu on the left. For example, if the table is set to “Show 10” to show 10 entries at a time, each page of the table will show another 10 entries until the last row of data is shown.
  • Sorting – the heading row (first row) can be used the sort the table in an ascending or descending order either alphabetically or numerically.


Moving through the cells of the table is a similar experience to using Microsoft Excel.

  • Tab key – moves you through cells in the same row, from column to column.
  • Enter key – moves you through cells in the same column, from row to row.

Add or Remove Columns and Rows

  • A new column can be added to the right or left of the selected cell or removed by clicking on a 3-dotted icon above the header, then select the option you desire.
  • A new row can be added above or below the selected cell or removed by clicking on the 3-dotted icon to the left of the current row selected, then select the option you desire.

Table Caption and Example

Data Name Data Points
Admissions 500
Acceptances 250
Dismissals 0
Closures 1