Table block

Table block helps you insert a table of data into your page. Text in each cell can be formatted and hyperlinked.

Table Feature and Settings

Caption and Heading Row

The Table block will create a caption above the table of data for you to use to name your table and it is important for accessibility. If no caption text is added, a message will appear that reads “Table is missing a caption!” to indicate that this needs to be completed. The first row of the table will behave as a heading row with special styling and formatting.

Import Data

For large sets of data, you can import data using a CSV file or manually enter the data.

Interactive Tables

The table can be set to be interactive which adds a search bar, pagination, and sorting functions. This is turned on automatically for tables that are larger than 50 rows. I can manually be toggled on in the settings panel on the right-hand side of the screen.

  • Search bar – the search bar will filter the table rows to show only rows with matching search terms.
  • Pagination – this will appear below the table in the lower right-hand corner and is represented by arrow icons. Clicking the arrow icons will “page” through the next set of rows according to the drop-down menu on the left. For example, if the table is set to “Show 10” to show 10 entries at a time, each page of the table will show another 10 entries until the last row of data is shown.
  • Sorting – the heading row (first row) can be used the sort the table in an ascending or descending order either alphabetically or numerically.


Moving through the cells of the table is a similar experience to using Microsoft Excel.

  • Tab key – moves you through cells in the same row, from column to column.
  • Enter key – moves you through cells in the same column, from row to row.

Add or Remove Columns and Rows

  • A new column can be added to the right or left of the selected cell or removed by clicking on a 3-dotted icon above the header, then select the option you desire.
  • A new row can be added above or below the selected cell or removed by clicking on the 3-dotted icon to the left of the current row selected, then select the option you desire.

Table Caption and Example

Data Name Data Points
Admissions 500
Acceptances 250
Dismissals 0
Closures 1