Spring 2017 Conference

First session of the “Behind the Web” mini-conference was held on March 28th, 2017, from 9:00 am – 11:00 am in the HPNP 1404 auditorium. 102 website administrators and editors were in attendance. This session was not recorded, but some presentations have been made available below.

 Presentations & Sessions


Carlos Morales, Director of Web Services, will discuss the results of the Apollo 2 survey (distributed to everyone in 2016.). This presentation will review the feedback and features requested by the survey respondents, and provide a summary for how our website editors and administrators would like to see the new Apollo upgraded.


Gravity Tools Suite Presentation
Nina Trombi will demonstrate how to use the Gravity Suite of tools to build an efficient and self-sustaining office workflow system. In this presentation you will learn how to plan and diagram a workflow for approval processes. Then, using Gravity Forms and Gravity Flow, users will learn how to quickly gather and route their forms to other users, track approvals, and keep all parties up-to-date. Finally, using Gravity View, users will learn how to make quick and customized pages that will use their own form data to display in an easy and accessible format.


Jeff Stevens will walk you through the process of developing a site that is structured for your users and their goals. Sometimes, in the construction of our sites, we don’t take the time to test and iterate our sites to meet the expectations of our users. In this presentation, we’ll go through the process of developing a site that is structured for your users and their goals, rather than by internal organizations that can create a barriers to clear communication and goals.


Greg Turner will introduce the concept of “usability” and discuss tools, strategies, and outline specific ways our new usability service can help you improve the usability of your own website, as well as offer up some solutions that can give you concrete data about your users and what they really want from your site.


Garrett Hall, Director of Creative Services, will discuss the importance of adhering to UF Health identity standards on the web, and introduce some of the services offered by Creative Services.


Randy Graff, Director of Educational Technology, will discuss the ways his department can assist website managers with software training and support services such as image editing with Photoshop.


Carlos Morales, Apollo 2 survey results presentation
Greg Turner, Testing the User Experience presentation
Jeff Stevens, Creating a User-Centric Website presentation


User Feedback

User feedback was overwhelmingly positive for this first user conference. Most users thought the conference was worth their time and offered them valuable tools to consider for their own websites. We did notice an area of improvement from the feedback we received and that was follow-up training. Many users expressed a need for more advanced training and better communication from UF Health Web Services on new tools available to them. We are grateful for all of the feedback we received and will be using that in the upcoming year to develop more intermediate and advanced level training opportunities for our users.

Below you can see a snap shot of some of the data we collected as part of our feedback survey for the Spring 2017 session.