Section Block

The section block is a block that acts as a container for other blocks, which helps ensure that the blocks within it will display as intended. Section blocks are only available for “Homepage” page templates.

General Settings

Sections with different background color and pattern options chosen.

The section block has two settings that can be adjusted to change the background color and pattern for each section block. The background color settings give you the option of choosing a light or dark blue background color, and the background pattern settings lets you choose a dotted or crosshatch pattern to subtly overlay the background color. You have the option of not using these options which will cause the block to default to the white and pattern-less background.


Buttons (Call to action)

Section blocks can be set to have up to two buttons within them. The button is added through the Inspector Panel (on the right side of the screen) by clicking on the “Add New Button” button. Add text for the button and a URL to link to, and the button is created.