The Hero Block creates a large visual centerpiece that includes photos, text, and buttons. You can customize the Title, text, and buttons for this block either through the page builder or the inspector panel. This block is only available for the “Homepage” page template, and needs to be added within a Section block in order to display correctly

Background Settings

Choose a photo from the Media Library or upload an image, then select a background tint, if desired. Background tint gives you three options to overlay a color over a photo. The options are: grey, black, and blue.

Layout Settings

Buttons can be added to the Hero block but the number of buttons is limited by the hero setting chosen. Card style can support a maximum of 2 buttons, and the Overlay style can support a maximum of 4 buttons.

Layout settings include the Hero Style (card or overlay) and the Content Position (only for the “Card” hero style), meaning the alignment of text on the block. Hero style is related to how the title and text for this block appear either as a “card” or box on top of the image. The Overlay style is a little more subtle and mimics a graphic made by a graphic designer.

View the Hero block live on the Department of Ophthalmology website.