Audio Block

The Audio block allows you to embed a simple audio player into your page. With the Audio block, you can use an audio file you upload to the Media Library or a link to a file URL.

Audio Settings

Autoplay – Toggle this on or off to have the audio play automatically when the page is loaded. It’s recommended to keep this toggled off and allow the visitor to decide when they want to begin listening to  the audio.

Loop – Toggle this on an the audio will play in a loop until someone clicks on the pause button.

Preload – gives you three options to set how much of the audio file is downloaded when the page is loaded to help reduce load time for the page.

  • None – the audio file is not automatically downloaded and downloading only begins once Play is clicked.
  • Metadata – basic information about the file is downloaded and the audio will begin to download once Play is clicked.
  • Auto – the entire audio file is downloaded.

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Example Audio Block