Flip Flop Block

The Flip Flop block allows you to feature a photo or video prominently with text and buttons placed on either the left or right side.

Content Settings

  • Subtitle – the subtitle field displays text above the title of the block. 
  • Title – title text will appear as the largest text on the block.
  • Text – The text field is a place to include a short amount of summary text.
  • Image – Choose an image from the Media Library which will appear behind the “card”.
  • Video URL – including a link to a YouTube video in this field will cause a “play” button to appear over the image so that visitors know a video is being linked to.

Layout Settings

Layout – choose between a left or right orientation of the card to the image. In the example below, the card is on the right side orientation.


Flip Flop block supports up to two call to action buttons that you can customize. To add a button, click on the “Add New Button” button under the “Buttons” heading.

Flip Flop BLock

Behind the Web 2017

Behind the Web is an annual mini-conference held by UF Health Web Services for the WordPress users we support.

behind the web

View the Flip Flop block live on the College of Medicine website.