Landing Page hero block title Subtitle Text

Summary Text should be short and to-the-point!

The Landing Page Hero block acts as a visual centerpiece for a landing page of information. This block will tie in elements from your site’s settings such as animations and patterns, and seamlessly display them along with a title, summary text, and buttons to help your site visitors navigate to their intended destination. It’s important to place the Landing Page Hero block within a Section block so it can properly display the block and be easy to read.

What is a “Landing Page”?

A landing page would be a page for a main section of information on your site. You may have a site with navigation links for: Education, and Research. Using a landing page for Research, for example, would act as a home for Research information on your site. Using the Landing Page template gives you access to all of the visual blocks used to build a rich homepage, but now you can use those same blocks to build an interesting Landing Page.