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How to Crop Images for Cards Block

WordPress will try to figure out what portion of the image to show based on the center of the image, but sometimes, it can use your help. This is where image cropping comes in.

COVID-19 Photography Guidelines

For the safety and protection of our patients and staff, our highest priority is to ensure that our photos and videos depict proper use of face coverings and physical distancing, per national guidelines.

Spotlight on Landing Pages

Landing pages give you flexibility on your website to feature important information or sections of information that you want to drive your website audience to. Landing page for UFCVM’s Certificate Programs The College of Veterinary Medicine’s Education website is using Landing pages throughout their site to provide areas…

How to Create Automatic Email Newsletters

The MailPoet plugin helps you create email newsletters which can automatically generate newsletters from Posts on your website. This can be a useful tool for updating your subscribers on news for your department or program. With a little set-up in the beginning, you can keep your subscribers updated easily!

General Best Practices

Use shorter paragraphs to make text easier to read on phones.Make sure physician photos are aligned with other physician photos or text.If you implement a design on a few pages that contain similar content, make sure that element is on all pages as it improves user experience.Highlight achievements on “about”…

Directory block gets an upgrade!

Directory block will receive a big upgrade to its functionality and layouts. New styling options have been added and you can read about the options available below: List – Profiles will appear in a 2-column layout with a subtle outline surrounding the profile informationSimple List – Profiles will appear in…

Learn about User Roles

User Roles are how Web Services is able to grant website editing access to individuals on a site. While WordPress has a number of default roles available, and some sites may have custom built roles, UF Health Web Services primarily uses two roles for website editing access. These roles are:…