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Gravity Forms Update to Version 2.5

Web Services will release an update to the web form plugin for your website, Gravity Forms. This post is a short introduction to some of the changes you will see going forward.

Using Featured Images for Social Media Sharing

WordPress’ “Featured Image” option on Pages gives you a space to add an image for the purposes of sharing on social media. Often a “card” will be created on a social media post with some information about the webpage being shared. This information will include the title, a date, excerpt,…

Quote block added to all sites

Web Services has added a new block option for creating blockquotes to pages through the Quote block. The Quote block allows you to add the quote text and a citation to the block. The text can be hyperlinked, if needed.

How to Crop Images for Cards Block

WordPress will try to figure out what portion of the image to show based on the center of the image, but sometimes, it can use your help. This is where image cropping comes in.

COVID-19 Photography Guidelines

For the safety and protection of our patients and staff, our highest priority is to ensure that our photos and videos depict proper use of face coverings and physical distancing, per national guidelines.

Spotlight on Landing Pages

Landing pages give you flexibility on your website to feature important information or sections of information that you want to drive your website audience to. Landing page for UFCVM’s Certificate Programs The College of Veterinary Medicine’s Education website is using Landing pages throughout their site to provide areas…