Inspector Panel

The Inspector panel gives you access to specific settings for the document (page or post) and the block.

Document Settings

You can view the settings for your document by clicking on the “Document” tab at the top of the Inspector panel.

  • Status & Visibility – settings related to the status (draft or published) and visibility (public, private, password protected) of the page/post.
  • Permalink – the URL for your page or post. the URL can be edited in the URL field.
  • Categories (Posts only) – select one or more categories for your post.
  • Tags (Posts only) – select one or more tags for your post.
  • Featured Image – Upload or choose an image from the Media Library that will be tied to your page/post.
  • Discussion – this is not supported
  • Page Attributes (Pages only) – Choose a page template and assign the parent page for the current page.
  • Order (Pages only) – WordPress will use the number in the Order field to display pages in the navigation menu in ascending order from zero to the highest number entered.
  • Show Page in Menu – this is checked by default and will ensure you page is included in your site’s navigation menu. Unchecking this box will remove the page from your navigation menu even if it is published. However, pages included in custom menus created through WordPress Menus will continue to appear in the menus.

Block Settings

When a block is selected, the settings for that block appear in the Inspector panel.

Learn more about blocks in Apollo 2.