Updates to Directory Block expands the visibility of research impact

A new feature is now available for full profile pages and publications. We will now display a citation count for academic articles (provided by PubMed). The citation count will link to a listing of publications that have cited the original publication. Additional upgrades include:

Citations for Publications

See how many times your publication has been cited in other research publications from the the Publications listing on a profile page. On the lower left side of a publication’s listing, you should see a hyperlink noting how many times that publication has been cited and a link to see a list of the publications citing your publication! This will appear on profile pages for websites using the Directory block’s profile creation feature.

Example of citations (outlined in blue) for a publication

Related Links for Profile Pages

Profile pages on a website will now display the Related Links for an individual’s profile within the “About” section similarly to their directory profile.

Updated Field Toggle Layout

You can now toggle off sections of a profile or specific fields using the updated layout for profile settings in the right-hand settings panel. Hopefully, this will help you quickly navigate through the profile settings you can show or hide for your Directory block and Profile pages.