Introducing the Mailster email newsletter building plugin

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UF Health Web Services has committed to providing a free-to-use email newsletter building tool for our website audience. MailPoet 2 will be replaced by the Mailster WordPress plugin.Mailster is available by request for your website!

Features of Mailster:

mailster templates
  • 4 modern and UF Health branded templates to choose from
  • heading image template file you can download to customize your newsletter
  • modules for newsletter building
  • flexible layout options for your stories
  • easy drag and drop editing
  • call-to-action buttons 
  • click and subscription tracking analytics
  • subscriber and list management through your website
  • online version of each newsletter

What should I do in preparation for Mailster?

  1. Export subscribers and lists from MailPoet
  2. Note and record previous newsletter statistics and content.

Learn more about how to prepare for Mailster