Best Practices and Guidelines

Adding Alt-Text

Twitter has a built-in image description field that must be turned on in the settings. Once it has been turned on, it will prompt you to add an image description to every photo you post. Twitter media studio has a feature to add captions to your video.

To turn on the ability to compose image descriptions, open your settings in Twitter and select “Accessibility”. Check the box that says “Compose image descriptions”. 

Twitter Accessibility popup.

Adding video captions

How to upload an SRT subtitle file in Media Studio:

  1. Upload your video directly to Media Studio.
  2. After the upload is complete, tap Media Detail to view the expanded menu for the video.
  3. Tap the Subtitles tab.
  4. From the list of Media Studio-supported languages, select the language of the SRT file.
  5. Tap Upload.
  6. Select the SRT file from your device.


If you questions about your social media content and whether it’s accessible, the social media team at UF Health is here to help! Send us an email at, or reach out to us directly.