Best Practices
Social Media Accessibility

For specific how-tos on how to make content accessible by social media channel, please refer to these following tutorials:

General practices for all platforms

Use plain language

This is really important when writing public, patient facing content where medical jargon is often hard to understand. 

Avoid acronyms

Don’t assume your audience is knowledgeable about all acronyms we use internally. Take advantage of the space Facebook provides and always spell out the first instance of the acronym and add the acronym, in parentheses after (e.g., Social Media Emergency Management (SMEM)). This is especially helpful for those using screen readers, because after the name is heard and the acronym is spelled out, the user will be better able to associate the sound of the acronym with the full name. 

It’s important to note that assistive technology only reads acronyms with four or more characters as individual letters. For shorter acronyms like “UF”, put dashes in between each letter when writing image descriptions or alt-text for it to be read correctly, “U-F”.

Use language that appeals to all of the senses

It’s important to be mindful when we are selecting words when we are writing copy. Instead of saying “See what John Smith has to say” try something like, “Learn more from John Smith”. 

Access to Accessible Versions

Always provide an accessible version, or link to a place where an accessible version is available. Different social media platforms have different capabilities when it comes to providing content. Infographics are a great example of something that is common on social media, and is often inaccessible due to character constraints on image descriptions. If you can’t provide all of the information in an infographic in an image description or alt-text, link to a place on your website where all of the text on the image is accessible to assistive technology. 


If you questions about your social media content and whether it’s accessible, the social media team at UF Health is here to help! Send us an email at, or reach out to us directly.