Best Practices and Guidelines

Adding Alt-Text

LinkedIn has a built-in field for alt-text. Just click on the link and add your description (you are limited to 120 characters).

Screenshot of LinkedIn post with Alt Text link
Screenshot of LinkedIn alt-text modal popup. You are limited to descriptions of 120 characters.

Captioning Videos

LinkedIn does not support closed captioning within the platform. If you would like to share a video, you can either:

  • Upload a video with open captions, or
  • Link to a video hosted on Youtube instead

Linking to the YouTube video is faster, but you might see a decrease in the engagement with the post (videos posted natively to a platform tend to do better than videos fed from external sites or platforms).


If you questions about your social media content and whether it’s accessible, the social media team at UF Health is here to help! Send us an email at, or reach out to us directly.