Page Links

A Page Link is a way of creating a page that will redirect visitors to another URL when it is clicked. The title of the Page Link will appear in your site’s navigation menu just like a page.

Create a Page Link

To create a Page Link, go to the Dashboard Navigation Menu and click on Pages. You will now see an option for “Add Page Link”. Select Add Page Link and fill in the title and URL fields. The title field will display in the navigation menu of your site, and the URL field is where you can paste the URL you want your Page Link to take visitors when it is clicked. The field for “Short URL” is a space where you can type in something shorter and different from the regular page URL which is built using the page’s title.

For example:

If the page title is “RSVP for the 60th Anniversary Celebration!“, then the URL would be: www.yourwebsite.domain/rsvp-for-the-60th-anniversary-celebration. Using the short URL field, you could shorten it to something easier to remember such as: www.yourwebsite.domain/rsvp .

Edit a Page Link

To edit a page link created on your site, you will need to find it in the list of pages on your site. Go to the Dashboard Navigation Menu and click on Pages. Look for the page link according to the title it was given and you will see a small chainlink icon to the right of the title which indicates that the page is a page link. Click on the title to open it and edit it.

When you edit the Page Link, you can:

  • Change it’s place in the navigation menu by selecting a “parent” page from the Parent dropdown menu under Page Attributes.
  • Change the Text for the link in the navigation menu by changing the text in the title field.
  • Edit the URL by scrolling to the bottom of the page and look for the “Page Links to” heading. Replace the URL in “Custom URL” field with the new URL.

Remember to click the blue “Update” button!