Dashboard and Navigation Menu

The Dashboard and Navigation Menu are your main tools for creating and managing your site content. This is also referred to as the “back end” of the website.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard (light grey area) is a simple at-a-glance style area that gives you a general overview of your site. This area can be customized by clicking on the Screen Options tab in the upper left corner of the site, just below your name. By clicking on a check box, you are able to toggle each feature on and off. If you aren’t happy with the order in which these dashboard items have appeared, you can drag and drop them into the placement you prefer. There is no need to save your settings because WordPress will automatically save any changes you make as you make them.


The Dashboard Menu

The Dashboard Menu is the list of navigation items on the left side of the screen (black area) and your main method of navigating through the back end of your site.