Add a ReCaptcha field to your forms to prevent spam

Webform spam, a prevalent issue online, occurs when spam programs or humans inundate webforms with unwanted submissions. To counter bot spam, adding a “ReCaptcha” field into your gravity form can help (check under the Advanced Fields section in the form editor.) The ReCaptcha field adds a checkbox prompting users to confirm, “I am not a robot,” which bots cannot fulfill due to the underlying technology. However, human spammers can still bypass this, and there could be some advanced bots that get passed ReCaptcha. To further strengthen your anti-spam capabilities, try incorporating a simple question into the form —a challenge question most people can easily answer, but deters spammers or advanced bots. Implementing “conditional logic” for the submit button ensures it only appears after users correctly answer the question.

In summary, combating webform spam involves a two-fold approach: using ReCaptcha to deter bots and incorporating simple questions to challenge human spammers, safeguarding the integrity of online forms.

If you’re continuing to receive a lot of spam emails (some should be expected), please ensure that the ReCaptcha field is added to your form, and consider adding a new challenge question. If you need further assistance, contact us at