How the Directory finds your publications

Publications in the UF Health Directory are managed through a combination of tools that search for, add, and update publications for a profile user, or allow the user to manually manage them.

The main source for automatically adding publications to a profile is done using The Harvard Disambiguation Engine called RNS. RNS will take certain information about the profile, such as: name, emails, university affiliations, etc, and return a list of PubMed IDs that likely belong to the profile. There are some background filters that attempt to correct for poor matches and reduce any incorrect matches before adding them to a profile.

These PubMed IDs are then used by another tool, The PubMed API, to get the actual information about that article so it can be added to the profile.

Additionally, an ORCID number in a profile is used by the API to help automatically associate articles with a profile.

For manually updating publications, we use a few more tools to help verify the information submitted to help find an actual article to link to online. When adding a publication using a DOI number, or other formats, then we utilize the API and PubMed Central ID Converter to help cross reference the information submitted with PubMed so an online article can be linked to.

We also offer options for users to hide publications from their profile if the need arises.