Updating Publications on the UF Health Directory

Publications for directory profiles can be updated directly through the profile page. They can be automatically added one-at-a-time or in a group using a PubMed ID or DOI number. If you’d like to add the publication manually, this option is available, as well. Publications added to a profile through the VIVO system will remain on the profile.

To add a publication to a profile:

  1. Login to the UF Health Directory.
  2. Scroll down the profile page, and click on the “+ Add Publications” button.
  3. Select “Add One” to add one publication, or select “Add Multiple” to bulk add publications using their PubMed, DOI, BibTex, or Freeform information.
  4. Click “Import” or “Save” to add the publication to the profile.

If the profile has new publications added to it, the profile owner will receive an email the next business day that reports on the new publications added to their profile so they can manage the visibility of each publication using the Directory Flags options below:

Directory Flags

  • Not Flagged – the default setting for all publications, will show the publication on the profile.
  • Not Mine – mark the publication as not yours and hide it from the listing.
  • Has Errors – mark the publication containing errors and hide it from the listing.
  • Duplicate – mark the publication as duplicate and hide it from the listing.
  • Other – mark the publication as having another issue not previously addressed in the options and hide it from the listing.

Hidden publications will be moved to the bottom of the publications listing where they can be re-flagged as “Not Flagged” and made visible on the profile.

Removing publications from your profile

If incorrect publications have been added to your UF Health Directory profile, you can use the Directory Flags (above) to hide them from view. For larger numbers of publications to remove, please reach out to Web Services to report this problem at webservices@ahc.ufl.edu.