The Mobile Experience

mobile deviceApollo 2 was developed to serve our mobile visitors from the ground up! Many processes happening “behind the scenes” are working to ensure that your site is always responsive and simple to navigate for anyone on a mobile device. Some of these processes are:

Image Compression and Automatic Cropping

When you upload an image to your Media Library, your site will immediately work to compress the size of the image so it is smaller and easier to load on mobile devices. In addition, pre-determined image sizes will be created so that as the image is used throughout your site, the site will determine which size is best for use and display on your visitor’s screen. This allows you to upload a large and high resolution image without concern for how it may negatively impact a mobile visitor.

Page caching

The content on your site is saved in a temporary state called a “cache”. A cache helps reduce the amount of time needed to load a webpage on any device because it’s already rendered. Once you make an edit to a page or an element on it, then the cache triggers a save and will overwrite the cached version of that page so the update is quick and the load time is seemless.