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Meet the New Buttons on the Block

A new block has been released by Web Services that makes the addition of buttons to your site much simpler! With the Buttons block, you can add one or more buttons to your site without the need to use HTML code. Simply select the “Buttons” block from the Add Block tool and begin creating your…

Icon Library Feature Added to Apollo 2

A new feature for Apollo 2 is the addition of a library of 5,000+ icons that can be used to add simple imagery to your site. The icon library can be viewed through the “Icon” tab for: Cards block and Buttons block. Icon examples

RSS Block Updated with Cards

The RSS block received an update that changed the feed of articles from displaying as a list, and will now create a card for each item with the option to include the picture associated with each article at the top of the card. RSS feeds are an easy way for you use content from another…

Global Navigation Redesigned for Apollo 2

The global header navigation has been redesigned and features a modern and easy-to-access menu of links for UF Health colleges and clinical practices. The new global navigation appears once you click on the downward-facing caret next the UF Health logo at the top left side of the page. Click the image to view this feature.

Some blocks may not support long-form content

If you are attempting to use a specific block for a purpose outside of its intended design, you may find that your content will not look or behave as you would expect. The best approach to take in this situation is to use a more traditional approach for the content you need to include on…

Optimizing Your Apollo 2.0 Site

Jeff Stevens walks you through some common issues our users are facing in the process of migrating their content to Apollo 2, and these tips and recommendations can help while you build out your site content and help speed up the final review process leading up to launch.

Time to review your broken links

It’s easy to view all of the broken links on your site and update them through the Broken Link Checker plugin. Luckily, you won’t have to request this plugin for your site because it’s automatically activated across all WordPress sites. Broken Link Checker will attempt to visit the links on your site every few days…

Cards block update supports new drag and drop feature

This week an update to the Cards block was made which the gives you the ability to reorganize the card items within the block into a different order than the order in which they were created. To move a card: Select the card Click and hold your mouse button on the small multi-dotted icon at…

How to link to content within the same page

Organizing content on a page can be hard for longer pages of content. You may be worried about the length of the information on you page, especially since top-loading your most important information is a good practice. A way to help your website’s visitors more easily find the information on a long page is to…