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Apollo, the first UF Health enterprise WordPress theme was released.


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Apollo 2 Features

Apollo 2 Features
Automagic Menu
The main navigation for your site is automatically generated (as if by “magic”) and formatted most appropriately to the organization of the pages on your site.
Apollo 2 Features
New Dashboard Widgets
New Dashboard Widgets for Google Analytics, Web Services Announcements, and helpful articles have been added to the Dashboard for Apollo 2.
Apollo 2 Features
Improved Search Engine
New and improved site search capability will show you results of your search as you type and bold the search terms in the results so you can easily see the search terms in context of where they are found.
Apollo 2 Features
Visual Global Footer
The new global footer can be customized to include contact information (accompanied by a Google map), a background image, a small navigation menu, and a “Make a Gift” button.
Apollo 2 Features
Better Mobile Experience
Apollo 2 was developed to serve our mobile visitors from the ground up! The new theme will make their visit a better experience, over all.
Apollo 2 Features
Directory Integration
Easily create clean and readable directories of faculty and staff using the Directory block. This block will help integrate information from the UF Health Web Directory on to your site.

Help & Support

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March 6, 2019
Web Services is proud to announce the launch of the Apollo 2 UF Health WordPress theme!  Apollo 2 was launched on February 26, 2019 at a special…
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March 6, 2019
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