WordPress: The Basics


What is WordPress?

WordPress is a publishing platform for blogs and is also used as a Content Management System (CMS) for higher education and business websites. At UF Health, we use WordPress to given our website managers hands-on control over updates and creation of their website content. This de-centralization of the task of maintaining website content allows for quicker updates and more time for the Web Services team to work on development of products and services beneficial to the entire organization.

Why WordPress?

WordPress sites are functional and flexible in many ways.  A site can be made public so anyone and everyone can see it, or individual pages can be marked as private so only specific users can view the content.  A WordPress-based site is easy to update and manage for most individuals. Content on a page is separate from the design and layout of the site so that the design and layout can be changed quickly and easily without it affecting the content. WordPress has Page Templates and Widgets that allow you to easily alter the way a particular page looks. It becomes easier to keep your site content updated and relevant.

Download the WordPress Quick Reference Guide

Support Assistance

Contact Web Services with your questions or to report problems with WordPress.

Nina Wright
IT Training Specialist

ninarz@ufl.edu or webservices@ahc.ufl.edu