Personal Profiles

Your personal profile is your online presence on Bridge. In your profile, you have many ways to personalize the information about yourself so others on Bridge can learn more about you and what your role is in the organization.

Editing Your Profile

  • On the Bridge homepage, look for the My Account box in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Choose the Edit Profile button to edit your personal profile.
  • Fill in your profile fully, including all three tabs (General, Contact, and Work Details) to add different sets of information in each tab.
  • When you are done with your Profile information click the Save Changes button.


Adding an Avatar (Profile Picture)

When adding an avatar (a picture of you), please choose a work appropriate photograph as this picture will be visible to all Bridge users. The best choices for profile pictures are high-resolution photos that clearly show your face from the shoulders up and looking directly at the camera. Looking “fun” or “silly” isn’t as important as looking like your normal amazing self!

To add your image (Avatar)

  1. Click on Add Avatar or Change Avatar if you have already uploaded an image you want to swap out.
  2. Browse to find your file
  3. Upload your image – You will have the opportunity to crop your image at this time.  A box will show on your uploaded image.  Click and drag a corner of the box to change the size.