How to Interpet and Use General Data

Campaign Tracking

If you are launching a campaign, you can create unique URLs to track where your visits are coming from. Just plug in your information the Campaign Tracking URL tool by Google, and then use the link provided in the campaign. When you look at your website data, you can see the source in the link. Send us a service request if you would like assistance setting up campaign tracking.

Monitoring Traffic

Simply by monitoring traffic, you can get indicators for what helps your site perform well. If, on the day you launched a Facebook campaign, you saw a huge spike in traffic, you might infer that those visitors are coming from that campaign. Perhaps, one of your medical school classes is graduating. In the days up to and after the graduation, you might notice a spike in traffic.

With this information, you can understand what people are receptive to and how you can provide better content to them. For example, if you notice you’re putting a lot of money into the Ad campaign but the traffic returns to normal after a week, you may want to figure out why. If people are interested in the graduation page, you may want to post photos, highlight the graduating class on the homepage, or link to an article about where people go after graduation.