Google Analytics

The UF Health web services team provides Google Analytics data for free. Google Analytics data can help you make sure your site and web campaigns are fully effective and optimized. Using Google analytics, you can determine what works on your website and what doesn’t work.

When you monitor Google Analytics, you can ensure you’re meeting and exceeding institutional goals and streamlining your work into content that matters for your audience. Learn where you should be investing your time and where you’re making the greatest impact. Measure your campaigns’ successes and how your contributions are performing.

In general, Google Analytics can give you a lot of data that will help you optimize your campaigns, your website, and your time.

We recommend reviewing your analytics at least once every two months to see where you could be investing more or less time. If you have a special project for your website, we can help you figure out the best path forward with tracking its success.

Additionally, you can take advantage of our analytics reviews, testing, and page optimization. If you’re unsure of which path you would like to take, but you know you would like to see if you can improve your website, please send us an email, and we will figure out what your best option is.

If you identify a page or trend that you think would be worth looking into, contact us. We can perform a deeper dive into your analytics and write up a report with recommendations based on your unique areas of interest. We can also perform testing so you fully optimize your page.

If you have any questions or are interested in our services, please contact us at Web Services support.