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Adding a button to your website

A button is stylized hyperlink. To add a button you will need to include the HTML for a button and the hyperlink. The code for both is below. An explanation of the code follows. Button HTML <button>Enter your text here</button> Button HTML with Hyperlink Code <a href="YourURL"><button>Enter your text…

How the Directory finds your publications

Publications in the UF Health Directory are managed through a combination of tools that search for, add, and update publications for a profile user, or allow the user to manually manage them. The main source for automatically adding publications to a profile is done using The Harvard Disambiguation Engine…

Updates to Directory Block expands the visibility of research impact

A new feature is now available for full profile pages and publications. We will now display a citation count for academic articles (provided by PubMed). The citation count will link to a listing of publications that have cited the original publication. Additional upgrades include: Citations for Publications See how…

User Role Editor plugin update

By Friday, March 11, 2022, we will be updating the User Role Editor plugin on our sites, which will have a change to user permissions. This plugin is typically used to manage user permissions to edit specific pages on a site. This involves us assigning permission for each page specifically.

What should I do in preparation for Mailster?

To help make your transition to Mailster easier. We suggest following these steps before you begin using the new platform: 1. Export subscribers and lists from MailPoet MailPoet allows you to export your subscribers and lists from your site so that you can create a back-up of the information.

Introducing the Mailster email newsletter building plugin

UF Health Web Services has committed to providing a free-to-use email newsletter building tool for our website audience. MailPoet 2 will be replaced by the Mailster WordPress plugin.Mailster is available by request for your website!Features of Mailster: 4 modern and UF Health branded templates to…

Gravity Forms Update to Version 2.5

Web Services will release an update to the web form plugin for your website, Gravity Forms. This post is a short introduction to some of the changes you will see going forward.

Using Featured Images for Social Media Sharing

WordPress’ “Featured Image” option on Pages gives you a space to add an image for the purposes of sharing on social media. Often a “card” will be created on a social media post with some information about the webpage being shared. This information will include the title, a date, excerpt,…