Google Analytics Services

Send an email to us or send a service request if you are interested in any of the following services.

Google Analytics Data PDF

We will send you your site’s Google Analytics data. You can request for a specific timeframe, or we can send you a year’s worth of information.

Google Analytics WordPress Dashboard

View traffic trends for your site on your Google Analytics Dashboard located in your WordPress Dashboard. You can sort by a number of metrics including users, pageviews, and more. You can also sort based on different lengths of time.

Migration Report

We can create a one page document featuring your top pages for the year along with a list of recommendations to optimize your new Apollo 2 site based on the data.

Post Migration Tracking & Testing

We will help you fully optimize your website. We can perform tracking on specific webpages to figure out how to optimize them. Additionally, we can test the changes before making them official to ensure you have the best version on your page. We include a Google Analytics review with recommendations based on your current site.

We recommend this option if you would like to optimize your site or would like to see if it can be improved. This option can also be helpful if you would like guidance for campaigns or you would like to look into analytics trends you noticed.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit

If you want to get more traffic onto your site, we offer SEO audits. The SEO audit will include a list of your top keywords, how you rank compared to competitors, recommended keywords, and recommendations specific to your site that should improve your SEO ranking and traffic. We recommend getting an internal audit afterwards to ensure your new users will be best utilizing your site.

Internal Analytics Audit

We review your analytics and provide recommendations that will give users a better experience on your site and allow users to find your site more easily. This is a brief report that can be helpful in a number of scenarios including:

  • Measuring campaign performance
  • Tracking changes after a major revision was made to the site
  • Figuring out where to start if the website hasn’t been updated in a while