Gravity Forms Update to Version 2.5

Web Services will release an update to the web form plugin for your website, Gravity Forms. Below is a short introduction to some of the changes you will see going forward.

New Look and Feel

The form editor has been given a new look. Expect a complete redesign of the form building experience, with easy-edit field settings, re-designed settings pages, customizable form layouts, and much more.

Form Layout Control

With 2.5 you can easily manage your form layouts, enjoying drag-and-drop column control for up to four columns!

Redesigned Settings Pages

There has also been a complete redesign of the settings pages within the 2.5 form editor, giving them a fresh, modern look and feel, and a whole new and improved user experience.

Easy-Edit Field Settings

All field settings can be edited in the field’s settings panel on the right-hand side of the form editor. As you edit the settings, you will see the changes appear in the editor to better help you judge formatting and usability of your form as you go.

gravity forms field settings

Drag-and-Drop Column Control

This update introduces drag-and-drop column control so you can easily manage form layouts without the need of complicated code to create columns. With up to four columns, you can position form fields in the order and layout of your choice, which helps make the flow of your forms better for your visitors.

Create Multiple Columns

You can easily drag-and-drop fields onto the editor canvas, to the left or right of existing fields, to create columns.

gravity forms create multiple columns

Drag Existing Fields to Create Columns

Within the editor canvas, you can drag existing columns into the ‘column drop zone’ – the editor will then automatically resize all fields within the dropzone to create columns of equal width.

gravity forms create columns

Use Column Handles to Resize Columns

You can adjust the width of each column by using the Column Handles to shrink or enlarge a field.

gravity forms resize columns