How to Crop Images for Cards Block

WordPress will try to figure out what portion of the image to show based on the center of the image, but sometimes, it can use your help. This is where image cropping comes in.

Many of our website users experience a problem with the Cards block when attempting to use images in the cards. They will add an image of an individual taken in a portrait orientation and find that the card will display the portion of the image that isn’t the focal point. There is a way to crop the photo in the Media Library to so that you can force the card the show the focal point of the image that you wish.

First, visit the tutorial on how to Crop and Resize Images in the Media Library for the steps to take on how to crop an image.

Then, crop your image similarly to the center image example below:

uncropped photo
This card is displaying the center of the image although it could look better.
cropped photo
Align the cropping guides to create a horizontal box around the focal point of your image.
cropped photo
After the image is cropped to place Albert Gator’s head in the center of the image, the card will display it correctly.