How to Create Automatic Email Newsletters

The MailPoet plugin helps you create email newsletters which can automatically generate newsletters from Posts on your website. This can be a useful tool for updating your subscribers on news for your department or program. With a little set-up in the beginning, you can keep your subscribers updated easily!

Before sending an automatic newsletter you will need to:

  1. Create a subscriber list(s). Read more about subscriber management.
  2. Determine your sending schedule. Are you planning to send your newsletter out as soon as information is available, daily, weekly, monthly, on a certain day of the week, month, and what time of day?
  3. Set-up your automatic newsletter template (directions are in the next section)
  4. Create Posts with the content for your newsletter. Try to create 3-5 Posts, and categorize them as you’d like. Your newsletter will pull new content from posts on your site, in general or by the category depending on how you set up your template.

Setup your newsletter template

Create your newsletter by selecting the “Create New Email” button at the top of the Newsletters page.

  • In Step One, select the radio button for an “Automatic Newsletter” and choose the frequency options for how often you would like it to send out a newsletter.
  • Add a subject line for the newsletter select a subscriber list (this is only needed to proceed to the next step and can be changed).
  • In Step Two, add a heading image to the newsletter, if you wish and hover your mouse over the area just below the downward-pointing arrow to expose the button for your “Edit automatic latest content” settings.
  • Click on the button to edit the settings for your articles and then select the hyperlink for “Show display options” to adjust how your articles will display. Note: it’s important to set the background color options at the bottom of these settings. White is the preferred color for ease of reading and accessibility, to choose white, hover your mouse over the upper left corner of the color picker window and select it, or add the value “#ffffff” to the color picker and then click outside of the color picker and you should see that one of the boxes is white.
  • Delete the two articles that at the top of the newsletter as they just provide directions on how to edit the newsletter, but should not be included in your template.
  • Click the button to “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page to save your work. Then progress to the next step where you can confirm your subject line and subscriber list. You can always come back at a later time to set up sending the newsletter, if you wish.

Click the “Next Step” button to move to the final Third Step to confirm your settings for your newsletter.