Learn about User Roles

User Roles are how Web Services is able to grant website editing access to individuals on a site. While WordPress has a number of default roles available, and some sites may have custom built roles, UF Health Web Services primarily uses two roles for website editing access. These roles are: Editor and Administrator (explained below). Another role, which is purely administrative in nature is the Lead Administrator role. This role is a point of contact for the Web Services team for a particular website. The Lead Administrator will receive notifications from plugins enabled on a site and can approve new user requests for the site, as needed. The Lead Administrator may also choose to take a site offline, if needed.


Editor – Able to create, edit, or delete pages, posts, and media. This is a base level of access, and meant for a basic functional need of making website updates. Has access to the MailPoet plugin, if enabled for the site.

Administrator – Able to create, edit, or delete pages, posts, and media. Can build and access Forms and their entries, and enabled plugins such as MailPoet, can view the list of Users on the site. Requests for access for new Editors will be fulfilled if requested by someone with this role.