Creating a Post

To create a new Post, click on Posts in the Dashboard Navigation Menu on the left side and choose Add New. Note: When the site is created, it has a Sample post. You can delete that.

Enter a Title for the post in the “Enter title here” field.  You want your title to be unique and descriptive, but at the same, time fairly short.

Good Titles

About Us

Patient Forms

Lab Hours


Poor Titles


2016 Annual Conference Information and Registration

UFH-CoM Class of 17’


Editing a Post

To edit an existing page or post, you have two options.

Your first option is through your Dashboard Navigation Menu, by selecting Posts, and then searching through the list of posts on your site, and clicking on the title of the post you want to edit.

A second option and quicker way to edit a post is through the Admin bar that appears at the top of your web browser. Once you are logged into the WordPress site, navigate through your site as usual and when you land on the post you want to edit, click on Edit Post in the Admin bar. This will open that post in the editor.wp-admin-bar-top2


Post Categories

WP-categoriesPosts can be added to Categories.  Using the category functionality, you can use certain widgets and features to display the posts of a particular category as part of the Featured Content slider, or for widgets throughout your site. Posts are not used for navigation menus, and do not have a parent/child hierarchal structure.

Featured Content Area

Featured Content is displayed just below the main navigation for a site. This area is reserved for two options that allow you to highlight content, events, or initiatives for your department/area/unit. Slides for the featured content area are powered by the most recent Posts, by Published date, in a particular category.

In short, the featured content area will not just display any posts, it knows that a particular category is where it should look for posts. The name of the category is set by the site’s administrators, but it can be changed at any time by going to Theme Options > Featured Content and choosing a different category. Note: To remove the featured content area from the front page altogether, do not choose a category.

FC sliderFeatured Content Slider

This is the default option in the Featured Content area. The Featured Content Slider creates a slideshow of up to 6 of your most recently published posts. These posts should also have a “featured image” attached to them and sometimes they require an excerpt.



FC stackerStory Stacker

This feature can be enabled in the Theme Options under Featured Content. The Story Stacker is a different way to showcase featured content. Rather than a slide show effect, the Story Stacker transitions the images without any movement effect. The story stacker is limited to 3 stories, however.

To enable the Story Stacker, click on Appearance in the Dashboard Navigation Menu, and select Theme Options. In the Featured Content tab, check the box under the Story Stacker heading. Then, click on Save Options and the Story Stacker will now appear on your front page.

Learn more about the Featured Content Area.

Publishing Posts

The Publish area allows you to:WP-publish

Save Draft – save your page/post in draft form so you can work on its content at different times without it appearing on the live site.

Preview – view your page/post as it would appear on the live site.

Visibility – this setting should only be changed if you want the published page/post to be viewable only by certain individuals with access to WordPress or a password that you set. Note: “Password protected” does not mean the content is encrypted. Putting information on your site that contains information on patients or students could violate FERPA and HIPAA.

Revisions – view all revisions to the page/post by each user.

Publish – the page/post is finalized and viewable by site visitors. However, you can edit this setting to publish your page at a later date. Click on Edit, then choose the date you would like your page/post to be published. On that date, the system will publish your page/post automatically.

Move to Trash – delete the page/post from your site. Pages/Posts remain in the Trash and can be restored for 30 days.