Campaign Monitor Tutorial

Email Newsletter Preview

Image Templates

These email templates contain several areas for images; use the below image templates to create your own versions. Image templates require Adobe Photoshop to open, and basic knowledge on how to manipulate text within Photoshop

How To Use

There are 2 ways to use the above templates:

1 – Basic Method: Copy and paste into an email program

  • Visit one of the email template layouts above in a web browser
  • Select “Edit” / “Select All”, and then “Edit” / “Copy”
  • Create a new email
  • “Paste” the template into the email window
  • Using your email client, edit the headlines, text, images, and links for your purpose
    • Tip: right clicking on links and images will allow you to ‘edit’ and/or ‘replace’ them with your own versions

2 – Advanced Method: Campaign Monitor Account.

Campaign Monitor is a web-based email newsletter service that will help you send email newsletters, manage your subscribers, and measure the traffic generated by your emails.

Communications and marketing professionals within UF Health now have access to this service through the Web Services office. Please request access here.