Page Templates

Important to your ability to use blocks to build your pages in Apollo 2 is selecting the correct page template for your needs. Page Templates are settings that help WordPress understand what type of content will be on the page. Depending on the template chosen, certain blocks may or may not be available to you.

To set the page template for your page, make sure the “Document” tab is selected in the Inspector Panel. Expand the “Page Attributes” accordion. Then you will see a drop-down menu for “Template”.


  • Default  – this is a standard template selected for all newly created pages and is intended for use on internal pages.
  • Full Width – this template is intended for pages where the maximum width of the screen is absolutely necessary.
  • Homepage – the Homepage template should be used for pages that will be designated as the homepage for your site. Using this template unlocks the ability to use Section blocks and Hero blocks.
  • Members Only – This template requires a visitor to enter their Gatorlink username and password in order to view the page content.