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Website Accessibility aims to provide website content that is available to any user regardless of a visual, hearing, cognitive, or physical disability. UF Health Web Services manages many accessibility requirements related to website development (coding, templates, styles) for you.  However, the accessibility of your website content is your responsibility.

In this section we have some tools to help you learn more about accessibility, its principles, and how to put those principles into practice.

Let’s get started with web accessibility…

  1. Review the “Web Accessibility for Designers” infographic from
    This infographic is a quick, at-a-glance, view of the accessibility standards you can start using on your site immediately.
  2. Read the Web Content Accessibility Guide.
    This guide will help you look a little deeper into accessibility and how to identify what is, and is not, accessible on your current site.
  3. Visit our Website Resources page for more help learning about Web Accessibility.
  4. Contact us if you have further questions or require additional guidance