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Icon Library Feature Added to Apollo 2

A new feature for Apollo 2 is the addition of a library of 5,000+ icons that can be used to add simple imagery to your site. The icon library can be viewed through the “Icon” tab for: Cards block and Buttons block. Icon examples

Global Navigation Redesigned for Apollo 2

The global header navigation has been redesigned and features a modern and easy-to-access menu of links for UF Health colleges and clinical practices. The new global navigation appears once you click on the downward-facing caret next the UF Health logo at the top left side of the page. Click the image to view this feature.

Cards block update supports new drag and drop feature

This week an update to the Cards block was made which the gives you the ability to reorganize the card items within the block into a different order than the order in which they were created. To move a card: Select the card Click and hold your mouse button on the small multi-dotted icon at…

UF Photography available through the Media Library

The Media Library recently received an update which includes the ability for you to use official UF and UF Health photography resources on your Apollo 2 website. This resource is only available to sites with the Apollo 2 theme enabled, in for blocks created for use with Apollo 2. “Classic” blocks or the Classic Editor,…

Buttons in Apollo 2

Most blocks support the addition of one or more buttons that can be used to direct website visitors to a page on the site or to an external site. These buttons may also be referred to as “calls to action”, meaning that they are a way for your site visitor to take an action you…

The Mobile Experience

Apollo 2 was developed to serve our mobile visitors from the ground up! Many processes happening “behind the scenes” are working to ensure that your site is always responsive and simple to navigate for anyone on a mobile device. Some of these processes are: Image Compression and Automatic Cropping When you upload an image to…